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Trentham Street

Dear Trentham Street Residents,

I’m Peter and have been living in Trentham Street for several decades. I became involved in the SGRA many years ago and was Vice Chairman. in 2011/12  With the past SGRA Chairman Mike Caswell standing down after 28 years at the May 2011 AGM the past months have been a period of significant activity. Former Southfields Ward Councillor, Wandsworth Mayor and Alderman, Mrs Tina Thompson who founded the SGRA in 1973 took up the reins again as Chairman.

Thereafter we met and felt the way the SGRA operates needed to be updated. Financial aspects and Communications were given priority and a shopping list was drawn up of issues that we should be addressing.

Hazardous pavements, increased parking charges, junk mail and cold calling, the urban fox menace, refuse, recycling collection and road sweeping and how our elected Ward Councillors act on our behalf in dealings with the Council.

The SGRA needed to look again at the way it communicated with those who live and work on the GRID and the cost of the Newsletter and income received from SGRA Membership collection.

I had urged the previous Committee to get the SGRA Website up and running after taking up the Chairmanship, Tina Thompson instructed that I get on with the job. We applied and were awarded a £1500 grant from the CCF and as a consequence, what you see is what you got and is attracting many Southf8uield Grdi peoepl and oethres to mregister.

The postings are about the GRID and 2012/13 new SGRA Chairman Rev. Ian Tattum wants the SGRA not to be seen as a voice of St Barnabas.

See the list for your Street Represesntative

If you are only reading this in viewing mode but want to have an input to  Forums, the popular Buy and Sell listing or become a follower of a particular shop or service on the GRID then please sign up. Some of the photos I have taken are of the street and road junctions, if you are unhappy with a particular image, send in your own or if you’re really unhappy we’ll take it off.

We will do our very best to make sure that people are satisfied with any items posted on the free SGRA Website. If people are dissatisfied, contact us and we will remove the post, advert, comments, photo images, etc immediately without any hesitation and make an apology if found negligent.


Updated 11.12.12

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