Revelstoke Bridge

Revelstoke Road

Dear Revelstoke Road Resident,

Hi my name is Tina Thompson, I am the street representative for Revelstoke Road.

I live at number 208. You can phone me on 020 8870 0347.

Current concerns include parking problems, as the parking times for the Merton side of Revelstoke Road are different to the times for the Wandsworth side.


We did manage to get a disabled bay for the surgery at the bottom of Revelstoke.

There are a number of missing trees and cracked paving stones. We are chasing our local ward councillors to do something about this.

There have been a number of issues raised about Wimbledon Park which is owned and managed by the Borough of Merton. One of the Grid members has established a Friends of Wimbledon park, this includes the other local resident associations, they hope to have a constructive dialogue with Merton.

Do remember to look at the FOWP page on our site.

If you have any issues relating to Revelstoke Road and you don’t have any success going through the usual channels with the Council or other body including your Ward Councillors etc, please drop a note through my door at #208 Revelstoke and I’ll bring the matter before the SGRA Committee.


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