Hanford Close

Hi there Hanford Close Resident

I’m afraid we don’t have an SGRA rep for Hanaford Close at the moment but if you’re interested, please contact a member of the SGRA Committee.

Even if you’re not or don’t want to be a SGRA Rep you can still contribute by signing up and taking advantage of the forums, send the Committee an email about an issue, who will act on your behalf where possible in matters relating to your area.

You may also want to ‘move on’ that item of vintage or antique furniture, books, clothing, shoes and children’s things like baby clothes, toys and bikes that they’ve outgrown. Whether you want to sell it or is offered free to a good home, sign up and become a website member and its FREE. You can then sit back and pass it on locally very easily without the added cost of packaging and posting especially as our local Southfields Post Office may close.

If you have a business that you run from home and want to promote, advertise or present at one of the monthly SGRA meetings, please let one of the Committee Members know or at the monthly meetings at St. Barnabas.

The SGRA Newsletter, comes out up to 4 times a year and contains many adverts but please also check out the Website advert section, there’s many Shops/Business featured. The Website adverts are free until the end of March. After that you will have to pay a fee of about a £1 a week for your advert but you will be able to manage it and link it to your own website.


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