Elsenham Street

Dear Elsenham Street Resident,

I’m Pat, your Elsenham Street Representative. Previously I was the street rep for Brookwood Road but am now on more familiar pavements in Elsenham. I am aware of the many issues facing Grid Residents and Businesses. If I can help with any issues please contact me by dropping a note through #182 Elsenham Street. If I can’t help you I know someone who can on the SGRA Committee.

With Wimbledon Park at the back of my garden, I have a good view of what’s going on there and how it affects other Elsenham residents backing onto the park. I therefore have a keen and genuine interest in the park and have attended meetings with Nick Steiner, Chairman of the recently formed ‘Friends of Wimbledon Park [FoWP], local Wandsworth and Merton Councillors, etc.

There are not many shop premises in Elsenham Street. However, If you have a business that you run from home and want to promote, advertise or present at one of the monthly SGRA meetings, please let me or one of the Committee Members know.

The SGRA Newsletter, comes out up to 4 times a year and contains many adverts but please also check out the Website advert section, there are many Shops/Business featured. The Website adverts are free until the end of March. After that you will have to pay a fee of about a £1 a week for your advert but you will be able to manage it and link it to your own website.

With best wishes,


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