Creating a Listing

How to create and manage a listing for your business or organization

Creating a listing is quite straightforward and doesn’t require any special knowledge other than what you’ll find here.

Step 1: Create an account

You need to be a member of this site. So if you are not already, select Register from the main menu.

You’ll now be on the Create an Account page. Complete the details. (You can always edit this later if you wish but you will need to create a username and register an email address at least.) Click the  button and then check your emails for an activation link.

Click on the activation link in your email and that should take you straight back to the website. You should see a confirmation message to let you know you are registered successfully.

Login in by entering your chosen username and password.

Step 2: Pay your subscription.

Visit the page ‘Advertise on The Grid‘. You will also find this on the Business Listings menu where it’s called ‘Get your business listed here’. Advertisers have a choice of subscription – monthly or annually. Make your selection by clicking on the appropriate button.

Make your payment via the PayPal screens you’ll then be taken through. If you already have a PayPal account you can use that, alternatively you can create one using a credit card or debit card. The recurring subscription will be taken from your account at the appropriate times.

You’ll be sent a confirmation email to the email account associated with your PayPal account.

Step 3: Create your listing.

Once payment has been made you will find that at the top of every business listing there is a new button, ‘Create a Listing’. Click the button and enter the details for your listing.

Your listing will appear under the most appropriate category or categories once it’s been approved.

How to manage your listing

Go to your listing page. Either search for it or find it on the  Business Listings menu. At the foot of your listing is a row of options:

Admin – gets you into the settings that govern your listing. Try it and see. You can also nominate another member or members to administer your listing.

Reviews – lists reviews that other members have left. You can even review yourself, but it’s probably not best if you do!

Downloads – List documents that anyone can download from your listing. There won’t be any there initially, until you upload some. Click the Upload button if you wish to share a document with others. For instance a menu, an offer coupon, product information, etc. Please make sure you are not breaching copyright by uploading the document. Please do not upload very large documents, as we have a limited space on our server for this.

Send Invites – If you have made Friend connections with other members you can invite them to become Followers. A more straightforward way is to ask them, when you meet them, to sign up as Members and Follow you!

Send Email – Allows you to send a message to all of your Followers. The more useful your messages, the more you’ll encourage members to keep following you. Send them junk and they will soon ‘Unfollow’ you!

Below these tabs is where you can enter a status update (similar to Facebook).

Below the status update field will appear all the updates that you’ve entered and other activity that relates to your listing. For instance if you upload a document, an entry to say so will appear here, including a link to the document itself. Status updates appear in the site-wide activity list that is accessible from the front page. So updating your status from time to time is a useful way of raising awareness for your business.

That’s it! Have fun managing your listing.