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The young trees need your help!

It is not only the humans that are gasping at the moment. One of the reasons that we have lost so many new trees in recent years is because once the council plant them they become vulnerable to the weather. During such as this very dry and hot spell they become parched and can die quite rapidly as a result. I have visited the  2 towards the bottom of Lavenham Road a few times with a full watering can. Please check on any near you and add some refreshing H2O? You will notice a very handily placed blue watering pipe next to each tree.

Tree watch fungus alert & Tina chases Grid tree funding

A serious fungus has been found on a tree in upper Trentham Street.The Wandsworth Tree Section were alerted who sent an arboriculture Officer to make an inspection.

Mr. Patrick Langley, Tree Service Manager has now told the SGRA that trees with this fungal bracket will have to be removed very soon. This is as the fungus will affect the heartwood and therefore it may become a hazard very quickly. Unfortunately the tree cannot be saved and the decision has been taken to remove the tree.

If you see other instances of this fungus, please notify your street rep, the SGRA or Mr Langley.  020-8871-6370 as soon as possible.At this moment we do not know if the tree can be replaced but we will keep Grid people informed. Continue reading