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Nick Steiner, Chairman of the Friends of Wimbledon Park and SGRA Clonmore Street South Rep was amazed and delighted to be one of the six recipients of this years Wandsworth Civic Awards. The award was presented by His Worshipful the Mayor Cllr. Adrian Knowles at the Mayors Annual Civic Dinner on Wednesday 28th November 2012.

The names of all six award recipients was a closely guarded secret and Nick had no idea he had been put forward or been successful until the Mayors announcement.

The following is from Tina Thompson, former Wandsworth Mayor about Nick Steiner and his continued involvement in the Southfields and Wandsworth Community

Nick is a retired Firefighter with a strong sense of local duty and when the Southfields Grid Residents Association [SGRA] started in the early 1970s, Nick joined. He soon became an active member and became a representative in the early 1980’s and continues to this day in the South end of Clonmore Street where he lives with his wife Molly.

The SGRA also became an early Neighbourhood Watch area and the largest in the Borough at the time. In 1984, the Neighbourhood Watch became a sub committee of the SGRA and Nick became its Chairman looking after over 2000 properties..

Nick also became a parent Governor of what was then Southfields School and the Chairman for a couple of years. Nick is still very active in the SGRA he is also on his local Doctor’s Surgery Patient Panel and is a Justice of the Peace.

All this takes up a great deal of Nick’s time. He is someone who never blows his own trumpet he just gets on and does the job. He has given so much time to his local community to help improve it.

He has now taken on the challenge of Wimbledon Park and is a founder member of the Friends of Wimbledon Park [FoWP]. This organisation has brought together all the local residents associations, the Golf Club and the Angling Club and hopes to involve local schools and the AELTC. It has the support of the local Councillors from Southfields and Wimbledon Park (Merton) and the two local MPs and the leaders of both councils.

Nick is the Chairman of FoWP and he is working very hard to get everyone to work together for the benefit of Wimbledon Park and its visitors/users. There are a number of areas of concern with the park and we know that its beautiful lake is dying. Thus, a major project is to Save the Lake.

Nick thoroughly deserved this Civic Award as his work has gone unnoticed by many but Southfields would miss him if he were not there to step in when needed.

Tina Thompson

Below is the line up of all Civic Award Winners including Mozir Uddin Ahmed who lives on Clonmore Street. More later on Mr Ahmed when I can track him down plus further images to follow including Cadet Sgt. Niall Rymill of the Adult Cadet from 132 Signal Detachment in Merton Road.







Remembrance Day – Did someone who lived in your Grid house die in the Great War?

Lest We Forget

The Southfields Remembrance Service took place at St Barnabas Church on Sunday 11th November at 10:30am for the 2 minutes silence at 11am. This was in the grounds of St Barnabas Church, corner of Merton Road and Lavenham Road by the War Memorial to those killed in action [KIA] in the First World War and 200 names are inscribed in the memorial stone.

Research by Pat Sheerin and me has found that many casualties were from Grid streets and roads. A few of those are listed below, one taken from every street or road name, there are many more. Do you live in that house, street or road, if yes, just take a few moments to think of that person who stepped out of your front door to go to war and never returned.

Here is an image of Troops marching up Garrett Lane past St. Micheal’s Church. I wonder if any of the following were amongst them who didn’t make it safely back to Blighty? Like ……..

Sergeant  Robert Chaney, 35a Astonville Street, KIA 1917. Awarded Military Medal and Bar

Rifleman Henry Bint, 150 Trentham Street, KIA 1917

Private Alfred Ames and Lance Corporal Charles Ames, brothers,of 155 Elborough Street, both KIA 1917,

Gunner Phillip Butcher, 178 Engadine Street, KIA October 1918

 Lance Corporal Robert Dolding, 9 Clonmore Street, KIA 1917

 Corporal Edward Lenzt, 106 Heythorpe Street, KIA 1916

 Private Walter Bailey, 121 Elsenham Street, KIA 1917

 Private George Cobbett, 77 Lavenham Road, KIA 1918

 Private Herbert Cansick, 112 Brookward Road KIA 1918

 Private William Watts, 87 Replingham Road, KIA 1918

 Private William Fleet, 258 Merton Road, KIA 1916

 The Great War as it is also called officially commenced on 28th July 1914 and less than a month later on 26th August 1914, 17-year-old Private Arthur Reeve of 17 Burr Road was killed in action.

The last recorded name Private G.F Verge, listed as KIA was on 11th November 1918, Armistice Day but Harold Strange of 96 Ravensbury Road, was killed on 7th November 1918 just four days before hostilities ceased.

 We will remember them.

The research into the War Memorial names is ongoing by Pat Sheerin and myself. Any information would be greatly appreciated. If you attend Services at St. Barnabas, you can find a wall tablet to Arthur Rhodes, a Chorister and Server at the Church, killed in action 13th November 1916, aged 20 years.

Also you could buy a copy of ‘Roomy Villas’ at The Golden Treasury Bookshop, Replingham Road and read about Southfields history and of Lieutenant James Pulleyn of the Royal flying Corps who was shot down. He lived with his family at 85 Elsenham Street.

 Research continues into the names listed on the war memorial and it is planned to publish these in time for the centenary of the Great War.

Peter Stechman


Mr. Lu, Dentist, Retires

The image of the green painted front door at 67 Revelstoke Road will have become very familiar to hundreds, if not thousands, of Grid people over the years. Unfortunately, it is a door you did not look forward to entering unless it was to see William Lu and his wife Lin socially. W. H. M Lu is the name on the door, but he was known to most of us as ‘Mr Lu’. The sign ‘Dental Practice’ is now obscured by the hedge, signs on the door instructing people to ‘Ring Once’ now no longer needed as Mr. Lu has now retired.



William Hieng Ming Lu has served ‘Southfields Griders’ and the surrounding areas for 32 years at his surgery in Revelstoke Road. Many clients, despite moving considerable distances away, returned repeatedly for treatment and routine checkups, confident of his expertise.

On Thursday 23rd August, Mr and Mrs Lu invited past and present Clients and Friends to a farewell party at the surgery. ‘Hot n Spicy’ samosas guaranteed not to affect your teeth were made by their daughter who came over from France for the occasion. Many bottles of red and white wine were consumed and many ‘Happy Retirement’ cards and flowers were brought along. However, through the laughter, there was ‘just a tinge’ of sadness for the loss of this lovely man’s caring and thorough dental care over the years.

Mr Lu came to the UK from Sarawak and his wife Lin from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They took over the dental practice and the house from Mr. Dass. It will now cease to be a Dental Surgery and become a residential property again with Mr Lu spending more time on his studies not far away.

Oh Mr Lu, what shall we do now for our dental care and who will we let pull on our tongues to give our mouths, as well as our teeth, a thorough once over? We will also miss your lovely assistant Barbara, with her immaculate hairstyle and lovely smile. Do not worry, because at last you can now lay back, relax and forget about the drilling!

Our best wishes and good fortune cookies to both Mr and Mrs Lu.