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No Cold Calling Zone

Following a dialogue with SGRA Members, Wandsworth Council has since chosen the area within the Southfields Grid to now be part of a project to reduce distraction burglary and rogue trading and is called a ‘No Cold Calling Zone’.

Most people who call at homes unannounced are genuine but some may try to trick their way in pretending to be from the water board, gas or electric company or a person needing money urgently for some reason, a bogus charity or other. They may
be builders, roofers, landscapers or gardeners or other trades trying to trick you into paying large sums of money for unnecessary work.

The SGRA and Wandsworth Council are working together to try to stop this happening and give Grid Residents the confidence to say ‘NO‘ to uninvited callers at their door.

The Council has provided the SGRA with information packs that Street Representatives have delivered to all properties within the Grid with the current SGRA Newsletter, please let your Street Representative know if your havent received a pack.

The ‘No Cold Calling’ pack includes a double-sided window sticker, incident reporting sheets and a note pad with the Council contact to call.

As part of the project, the Council are putting up signage telling people who are entering the Southfield Grid No Cold Calling Zone that goods and services will not be bought from the door from uninvited sales people or traders.

The ‘No Cold Calling Zone’ contact at Wandsworth Community Safety is:
020 8871 6537.