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Beware the builder’s scam!

An inhabitant of the Southern section of Clonmore Street would like to warn people about a conman who succeeded in extracting money from him by pretending to be working on the scaffolding that had been erected by a genuine builder. He is about 6 ft, with an open honest face and short fair hair. In spite of his face he is a dishonest trickster and succeeded in deceiving his victim into parting with a considerable sum. The victim feels extremely foolish and is only mentioning his loss in the hope of preventing anyone else from suffering in the same way.


Police Ward Panel Meeting Notification

The Police have asked us to put details of this meeting on the SGRA website.

This is of a Ward Panel Meeting that you are all invited to attend on Thursday 16th January 2014 from 1930 hours until 2100 hours.

The Venue of the meeting is


PCSO Don Lopez 7101DWO, Southfields Neighbourhood Police Team, looks forward to welcoming you.

Total Policing is the Met’s commitment to be on the streets and in your communities to catch offenders, prevent crime and support victims. We are here for London, working with you to make our capital safer.

The GRID – A target for Fly Tipping?

Grid residents are warned to keep a watch out for Fly tippers. This follows an incident, pictured, in the middle section of Trentham Street near the junction of Lavenham Road sometime overnight on 26/27th February.

Councillor Guy Humphries was contacted and he reported the incident to a specialised unit on Wandsworth Council asking them to have the mess removed as a priority. The rubbish was cleared away on the morning of Thursday 28th February. Thank you Councillor Humphries.

Cllr. Humphries said that people should decline offers from ‘rubbish clearance’ types, usually bogus, who offer to clear rubbish from your front garden for a cheap cash price. Invariably the rubbish is later dumped under the veil of darkness at some blind spot on a Grid Street or elsewhere.

Residents spotting this activity are warned not to intervene, carefully try to take note of the vehicle registration number and if possible details of the vehicle, make, colour and those dumping the rubbish.

Telephone 101, as you should get a quicker response and report the matter. If you recognise the items of builders rubbish ‘fly tipped’ and have an idea of who did this, notify the Council or Police

Keep vigilant, if the fly tippers get away with it, they may return and next time it may be your house or business that will be fly tipped.

On not heeding your own advice. An open invitation to car thiefs.

Having warned people not to rely too much on automatic locks I didn’t do a visual check yesterday after thinking I had locked my car, and today am a car radio down! Luckily the thief didn’t get away with much else apart from a wallet containing all our membership cards of such as The National Trust and The Wetland Trust. So I do hope he has a few nice days out enjoyng the improving weather!

Changes ahead, and why gravel is bad news for burglars.

With Margaret Brett I attended the Safer Neighourhood Teams meeting on Tuesday night. We heard  that in the future Southfields will be served by only one designated PC, but  one who would be supported by a larger flexible cohort to provide policing across the borough. The particular problems that the Grid continues to face are burglaries and thefts or damage to cars. In each case there is much that we can do to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim- Yale locks alone are not enough to make your door secure and high hedges are an encouragement to the house-breaker. On the other hand noisy gravel and strategically placed thorn bushes are an active deterrent!

When it comes to protecting cars the visibility of any valuables or indications that a Sat Nav may be within are an invitation. Also it is worth checking that your locks are working properly, because some thefts have occurred where people have left their car assuming all the locks were in place, but one has not engaged properly.

More information will be available at the next SGRA meeting on January 29th.