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Traffic Lights

Has anyone else noticed that the Green man sequence at the junction of Wimbledon Park Road, Replingham Road and Augustus road, seems to be a bit off. The lights all go red then you wait and wait and then get the green man but he shuts off before you have a chance to get across the road. However if you start to cross once all the lights are red you get across before the green man even comes on.

Failed – Wandsworth New Refuse/Recycling Collection – Update

Wandsworth Councils new refuse contractor has failed to make many collections in its first 2 weeks of operation. Not only have the Council allowed them to change the collection day from Friday to Thursday but they also failed to remind Grid occupiers by posting a flyer the week before. As a result many houses and business occupiers on the Grid have had to suffer mounting numbers of smelly refuse and recycling bags, often having to repack them the next day after the foxes had torn them open and spread the contents over the already hazardous pavements.

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