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Beware the builder’s scam!

An inhabitant of the Southern section of Clonmore Street would like to warn people about a conman who succeeded in extracting money from him by pretending to be working on the scaffolding that had been erected by a genuine builder. He is about 6 ft, with an open honest face and short fair hair. In spite of his face he is a dishonest trickster and succeeded in deceiving his victim into parting with a considerable sum. The victim feels extremely foolish and is only mentioning his loss in the hope of preventing anyone else from suffering in the same way.

Conservation Management Plan for Wimbledon Park

Conservation Management Plan (CMP) 03.

The Friends of Wimbledon Park have completed our Conservation Management Plan for Wimbledon Park.  It covers what matters and why; what needs to be considered; volunteering; draft committee structures including the governing body and current management focus, amongst others, being the lake and The Wimbledon Club proposals.

We’ve circulated it widely and hope you find it of interest.