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Auditions for the Vortex. The next play by Southfields Theatre Group.

I have been asked by the group to provide information about their next performance and particularly about opportunities for people to audition if they are interested in taking part.

Here are the details.

Auditions for Noel Coward’s


                        You are invited to audition for Southfields Theatre Groups groundbreaking production of Noel Coward’s The Vortex.

            The auditions will be held on the 28th and 29th of July at 7:30, with callbacks on the 30th, at the Aspire Centre , Merton Road, Southfields, SW18 5JU. The show will be performed at St. Barnabas Church in Southfields on the 19-24 October. We will be begin rehearsal on the 24th of August, also at the Aspire Centre.

The Vortex takes in 1920’s upper class Britain, where luxury reigns, whole separate lives are lived behind closed doors, and heartache prevails. The play also takes place in-between the First and Second World Wars, and so we are taking this opportunity to raise money for a soldier’s charity (TBA), especially because our performance will be shortly before Remembrance Day.

This will be a truly unique production for local community theatre. Directed in a semi-immersive fashion, the audience will be surrounded by the world of the play, and will follow the action as it moves throughout the space.

The production will be ensemble based in both process and product. I am looking for creative people who are willing to take risks and think outside the box. I believe this production will be will be truly stunning.

If you are interested in auditioning please email, and let us know which day you’d like to attend. At the auditions please bring a prepared monologue, and wear clothes you can move it, as we might do some group exercises. There will be photocopied scenes for you to work with in groups.


I look forward to meeting you.




Dominique Sinagra





The story follows a talented young composer, Nicky Lancaster. Nicky proposes to his lover Bunty, a journalist, while his mother Florence, an aging socialite, has extramarital affairs with younger men, including Tom, who is also Bunty’s ex-fiancé. Tensions come to a boil as Nicky struggles with his severe cocaine addiction and repressed homosexuality (a theme that was necessarily subtly conveyed, considering contemporary attitudes), as well as the simmering resentment he feels for his vainglorious mother.


      THE VORTEX Cast


Please note: All playing ages are as a guide only!   Please dont be put off auditioning if you feel you are too old or young, too fat, too thin etc etc. If you are passionate about this play, we would love to see you.


Leading roles


Florence Lancaster (the role is cast)

Playing age 40s/50s

Florence is a glamorous, wealthy, socialite. Terribly vain, superficial, selfish and histrionic, she is desperately trying to cling on to her youth ( in more ways than one!).

She has had many affairs and, when we meet her, she is in the throes of one with Tom Veryan, who is almost the same age as her son, Nicky. She was once very beautiful, and there are still fragments of that beauty left.


Nicky Lancaster

Playing age 20s

Nicky is Florence’s son. A composer and pianist. Sensitive, confused, emotional

petulant, highly strung, drug addicted, possibly homosexual. Very attached to his neglectful mother. Oedipal overtones.   We hope to be able to cast someone who can play the piano.


Helen Saville

Playing age 30s/40s

Helen is Florence’s friend. Though possibly a decade younger, she is solid and practical. A voice of reason. Smart, caring, level headed and perceptive.


Pauncefort Quentin

Playing age 50 +

Pawnie is a flamboyant, witty, acid-tongued and camp bachelor


Tom Veryan

Playing age 20s: Tom is athletic and very good-looking and not much else. Ex-Army officer. He is having an affair with Florence.


Bunty Mainwaring

Playing age 20s

Bunty is attractive in a 1920’s boyish, down to earth sort of way. Self assured, strong, perceptive.


Supporting roles


Clara Hibbert

Playing age: late 20s-40

Clara is an affected, melodramatic, soprano. Described as emaciated. However, I think she would be great fun to play!



David Lancaster

Playing age: 50s/60s

Florence’s cuckolded husband and Nicky’s father.. Easy-going, resigned and long suffering in the face of his wife’s ‘temperament’.



Bruce Fairlight

Playing age: 40s/50s

Bruce is an earnest playwright. His plays are about squalor and poverty and are appreciated by the upper class.




Playing age: 30s/ 40s +

Preston is Florence’s maid, described as having a wonderful poise.

She is a minor speaking role, but, in this production, her role is significantly enhanced as she will escort the audience through the space.



About the director

Now living in Southfields, Dominique Sinagra has extensive theatre experience. She studied with distinction at the National Theatre Institute, Connecticut and won Best Director, Best Actor, and Audience Favorite at a New York City fifteen minute play festival.

Dominique has been director or A.D. for several professional and community plays in the US. While travelling widely in Europe, Africa, South Asia and the Middle East, she has conducted many innovative filmin

Concert at St Barnabas on 7th August




St Barnabas Church   146 Lavenham Road Southfields SW18 5EP

Friday 7 August 2015   7.00pm

Music by Franz Liszt, Robert Schumann and Felix Mendelssohn inspired by the German poet Heinrich Heine.

Lene Sahlholdt soprano  *   Mayda Narvey cello   *   Bruce Vogt piano

One of the greatest poets of the 19th century German Romantic period, Heinrich Heine (1797-1856) died the same year as Robert Schumann who set much of his elegant love poetry to music.

In this concert we will explore the music of three composers, all born within a year of each other who define the Romantic School and who were inspired by Heine.

All are welcome. Admission at the door £10 Over 60 and concessions £8. £5 under 18’s. A glass of wine and a chance to talk after the concert.

All profits go to the musicians.



Fund-raiser For Christian Aid. Coffee/Cakes/ Film/ Activities

With all the publicity about migrants risking their lives to escape war zones and corrupt governments and the latest earthquake disaster, this time in Nepal, it is re-assuring that Christian Aid has been committed to helping in such situations for 70 years now. Drop in at 2.30pm on Saturday May 9th and hear about the work they are currently doing in Ethiopia from intern Sarah Carter. There will be Fair-trade coffee, home-made cakes, simple crafts and activities suitable for all ages. The event will be in St Barnabas’ Hall and run from 2.30 until 4pm, with short film at 3pm. All proceeds will go to support Christian Aid Week, which officially runs from the 10th to the 16th of May this year.

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