Southfields Remembers the Fallen of the Great War

Southfields Remembers the Fallen of the Great War

On Sunday 9th November 2014 at 1030am, residents of Southfields Parish gathered at St Barnabas Church for a service of Remembrance for those who were killed in the Great War that commenced 100 years ago. Officers and Men from the Royal Marines Reserve (City of London) who marched from their base in Merton Road joined those present.

The service was conducted by the Vicar, Reverend Ian Tattum and Honorary Curate Reverend Joy Boyce who reminded us that the service also honoured those killed in all previous, subsequent and present wars in the service of their Country. [No mention or recognition can be found at St Barnabas of those killed in the Second World War].

Shortly before 11am, the congregation moved into the grounds outside in the sun to stand before the War Memorial erected to those killed in action during the first Global War.

Following the 2-minute silence residents and Marines returned to the church to continue with the service. Images showed below record some of the scenes including Officers standing under the memorial plaque to 20-year-old Private Arthur Rhodes who lived at 6, Engadine Street and was killed on 13th November 1916.

Also pictured were Lincoln MC and his wife Caroline, Luthor and his wife and the service concluded with a recital by Dominic Seligman who played a Valse-caprice by Franz Liszt.

I was told about two wooden candlesticks that are brought out at Remembrance service and placed on the alter.  The candlesticks had small brass plaques mounted on the base. One of these was in memory of Corporal Harold Stammers and the other of Private John S Guy of 141 Trentham Street.  Although no relation to the family who lived there at the time, I was fascinated to note the similarities in the name to the present owner John, surname Surguy. Take out the U and the R and you would have J S G. Happily, my near neighbour, John Surguy, who has lived on the Grid since the  late 1970s’ is alive and well and as a professional musician spends his time playing Guitar in the UK and Europe.

On this day 11th November 2014, spare a thought for those 200 names inscribed on the St Barnabas war memorial stone. Many of whom lived on the Grid, maybe in your house, who stepped out of the door in the years 1914 to 1918 and never returned. It could have been a husband, son or brother and do not forget the many women who also served abroad and at home.

It is fitting that they should be remembered and as a warning that it should never happen again. Lest we forget!

Peter Stechman – 11 November 2014


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09.11.14 St. Barnabas Remembrance Service (2) 09.11.14 St. Barnabas Remembrance Service (6) 09.11.14 St. Barnabas Remembrance Service (3) 09.11.14 St. Barnabas Remembrance Service (5)09.11.14 St. Barnabas Remembrance Service (7)09.11.14 Lincoln & Caroline Jopp St. Barnabas Remembrance Service 09.11.14 Luther & St. Barnabas Remembrance Service (8) John Guy & Harold Stammers Candlesticks Harold W Stammers Candlestick John S Guy Candlestick 09.11.14 Dominic  Seligman St. Barnabas Remembrance Service