The 20 mph debate

Thanks to all of you who have replied- for and against! So far there has been overwhelming support for a lower limit in the Grid area.

Those who see it as a very bad move make many fair points, but occasionally reveal some interesting contradictions. The most common one being that because of the nature of the Grid streets most local people drive at 20 anyway, but reducing the speed limit from 30 will increase carbon emissions. Obviously that would only follow if part one of that sentence wasn’t true! I also decided to check what the RAC has to say about carbon emissions and fuel consumptions at lower speeds and they were adamant that 20 mph is better or as good as 30mph in short streets with many junctions, but worse where there are speed humps.

Another feature of the responses so far is that people on faster moving and noisier streets, such as Revelstoke, Elsenham, Heythorp and Replingham seem more concerned about speed than in the more tranquil spots. One of my arguments in favour of seriously thinking about trying to reduce the speed of cars across the Grid area is that it is much better to have an area with a distinct identity and character making the change than going for a piece-meal approach, with each street fighting its own corner. All of you who only drive 20mph anyway will have no problem if there is a change!