Safer Neighbourhood Team Meeting August 2nd

9 people attended, including PC James Elvy who gave the report you can see below. One matter that was of particular concern was an unsubstantiated rumour that was doing rounds on Face- book, suggesting that there was a gang of criminals who having got hold of some-kind of master key were able to circumvent the locking systems of Audis and BMW’s  and were indulging in a spate of thefts from high-end cars. James told us that no such activity was known to him, although there are criminals who have jamming devices which can be used to cancel your attempts to lock your car, but only if they are present and nearby when you try to do so, as they have to operate their device at exactly the same time. Even such devices can be dealt with by the simple expedient of checking your lock and making sure it has worked. James reminded us that random checks by the police reveal that a surprising number of residents do leave their cars unlocked and with valuable items in sight! The simple message is check your car doors, don’t leave anything lying about to tempt the opportunist, and don’t believe everything you read in Face-book!

Safer Neighbourhood Report

1.0 Welcome & Introductions

  •   PC James Elvy apologies from APS Alastair Adams who is   leaving us to be DWO for Thamesfield and PCSO Don Lopes who is on a career   break until November 2014.
PC James Elvy
2.0 NPT update

  •   We have had 10 new police officers start in Putney since   we last spoke with new officers joining steadily until the end of the year,   with some officers moving on being replaced by new officers.
  •   We have a new Sgt starting on Southfields his name is Sgt   Mark Coates and he is starting on Monday 4th August and has transferred from   Croydon, he will hopefully be coming to the next meeting.
PC James Elvy
3.0 Crime Figures –

  •   Crime has fallen, Burglary is still falling although as we   come into the summer months please remember to keep windows and doors locked   or closed when you are not near them as all it takes is for someone walking   past to see you are not there and to grab something through the windows, 5   burglars were arrested the other week having been stopped by officers having   just broken into houses along Engadine Street, during the arrest a stolen   vehicle was recovered, all persons arrested where charged with Burglary.
  •   There has only been 6 burglaries reported to police that   have occurred in Southfields in the last 12 months.

We have also been working with WW Safer Transport   Team in Bike Marking events which have been running since February , we have   been marking, on  average , 80 bikes   per session with our next event on Saturday 16th   August outside Southfields Tube Station between 1030-1430hrs.

PC James Elvy
4.0 Ward Priorities & Promises PC James Elvy
In Engadine Street and Elsenham Street there have been a   number of theft from MV’s and theft of m/v’s normally mopeds, some mopeds stolen   from around the “GRID” and surrounding areas have been found a very short   distance away, please make sure that you lock your mopeds with appropriate   locks. 
5.0 ASB & Partnership

  •   We have received few emails from residents around   Coronation Gardens regarding “No Ball Games” this has been passed onto Parks   Police to be aware if we are not on duty.


7.0 DATES OF NEXT MEETINGS – Saturday 15th November 2014 11am   at St Barnabas hall PC James Elvy 502