Changes ahead, and why gravel is bad news for burglars.

With Margaret Brett I attended the Safer Neighourhood Teams meeting on Tuesday night. We heard  that in the future Southfields will be served by only one designated PC, but  one who would be supported by a larger flexible cohort to provide policing across the borough. The particular problems that the Grid continues to face are burglaries and thefts or damage to cars. In each case there is much that we can do to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim- Yale locks alone are not enough to make your door secure and high hedges are an encouragement to the house-breaker. On the other hand noisy gravel and strategically placed thorn bushes are an active deterrent!

When it comes to protecting cars the visibility of any valuables or indications that a Sat Nav may be within are an invitation. Also it is worth checking that your locks are working properly, because some thefts have occurred where people have left their car assuming all the locks were in place, but one has not engaged properly.

More information will be available at the next SGRA meeting on January 29th.