Michael Southfields Hairdresser to retire!

Watch out there’s going to be a lot of longhaired blokes about soon as Michael, Southfields Village Hairdresser who has cut and shaped countless heads of hair on the Southfields Grid over the past 35 years is to retire at the end of December 2012.

Seen here giving ‘Bill’ one of his last trims, Cyprus born Michael has worked in hairdressing for 50 years, 35 in Southfields. He started his hairdressing salon above the Footcare Centre in Replingham Road.

Southfields Ward Councillor Terry Walsh said “Michael has been my barber for about fifteen years. He is very professional and knows his trade. He is one of the few barbers that still does singeing of the hair ends, a traditional practice, which is thought to strengthen hair and remove stray hairs. I think Michael does this for about only four of his customers, including me. Sitting in his chair, we have discussed current affairs and much else. I shall miss his dry sense of humour and his observations about Southfields and society in general.   I wish Michael well in his retirement”.

Spencer Childs, who owns the property and runs his Podiatry Clinic below Michael’s Hairdressing Salon said, “Michael has been a tenant at 37 Replingham Road for 35 years and in that time has cut thousands of Southfields resident’s hair. He has been an excellent tenant and will be missed in Southfields. I wish him all the best for an enjoyable retirement”.

St Georges Hospital Doctor, Phillip Hay of Trentham Street, mentioned to Stech, this is tragic, what’re we going to do, Michael’s been cutting my hair for years, he knows every one, I’ll really miss him”

Michael’s last day in the salon will be Saturday 29th December.

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