Mr. Lu, Dentist, Retires

The image of the green painted front door at 67 Revelstoke Road will have become very familiar to hundreds, if not thousands, of Grid people over the years. Unfortunately, it is a door you did not look forward to entering unless it was to see William Lu and his wife Lin socially. W. H. M Lu is the name on the door, but he was known to most of us as ‘Mr Lu’. The sign ‘Dental Practice’ is now obscured by the hedge, signs on the door instructing people to ‘Ring Once’ now no longer needed as Mr. Lu has now retired.



William Hieng Ming Lu has served ‘Southfields Griders’ and the surrounding areas for 32 years at his surgery in Revelstoke Road. Many clients, despite moving considerable distances away, returned repeatedly for treatment and routine checkups, confident of his expertise.

On Thursday 23rd August, Mr and Mrs Lu invited past and present Clients and Friends to a farewell party at the surgery. ‘Hot n Spicy’ samosas guaranteed not to affect your teeth were made by their daughter who came over from France for the occasion. Many bottles of red and white wine were consumed and many ‘Happy Retirement’ cards and flowers were brought along. However, through the laughter, there was ‘just a tinge’ of sadness for the loss of this lovely man’s caring and thorough dental care over the years.

Mr Lu came to the UK from Sarawak and his wife Lin from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They took over the dental practice and the house from Mr. Dass. It will now cease to be a Dental Surgery and become a residential property again with Mr Lu spending more time on his studies not far away.

Oh Mr Lu, what shall we do now for our dental care and who will we let pull on our tongues to give our mouths, as well as our teeth, a thorough once over? We will also miss your lovely assistant Barbara, with her immaculate hairstyle and lovely smile. Do not worry, because at last you can now lay back, relax and forget about the drilling!

Our best wishes and good fortune cookies to both Mr and Mrs Lu.