Tree watch fungus alert & Tina chases Grid tree funding

A serious fungus has been found on a tree in upper Trentham Street.The Wandsworth Tree Section were alerted who sent an arboriculture Officer to make an inspection.

Mr. Patrick Langley, Tree Service Manager has now told the SGRA that trees with this fungal bracket will have to be removed very soon. This is as the fungus will affect the heartwood and therefore it may become a hazard very quickly. Unfortunately the tree cannot be saved and the decision has been taken to remove the tree.

If you see other instances of this fungus, please notify your street rep, the SGRA or Mr Langley.  020-8871-6370 as soon as possible.At this moment we do not know if the tree can be replaced but we will keep Grid people informed.

SGRA Chairman, Tina Thompson, has written to Richard Tracey JP AM, London Assembly Member for Merton & Wandsworth. Tina had noticed that some 20.000 trees are to be planted and also money spent on Local High streets, and small businesses.

“In my capacity as Chairman of the Southfields Grid Residents Association I would like to know how we can access this funding. We need trees to replace missing ones on the Grid and Replingham Road could do with some of this funding.

There is a great deal of change going on with Sainsbury and Tesco moving in on the area and the Old Plaza Cinema site proposed development and there are major problems with the proposed loss of the Post Office.

Thus funding would be most appreciated.

The SGRA has also been the driving force in setting up the Friends of Wimbledon Park.  We have involved the other local resident associations and have a sound constitution.  If there is funding for open spaces again there are a number of projects we have in mind for the Park.  Thus any help in funding you can give would be much appreciated”.

Tine has also being urging Southfields Ward Councillors to tap into this funding.