No Cold Calling Zone – The Signs are Up!


Following the implementation of the No Cold Calling Zone [NCCZ] on the Southfields Grid, Wandsworth Borough Council [WBC] have erected NCCZ signs on Grid streets.


After comments raised at the SGRA monthly meeting held on Tuesday 28th February, it was necessary to establish who was in fact designated as a ‘Cold Caller’.  With the forthcoming Southfields Ward by-election on the 29th March no doubt the various parties will be banging on doors canvassing residents and business properties on the Southfields Grid, ‘Vote for me!’ flyers are already adding to the enormous amount of unwanted Junk Mail.

SGRA Chairman reminded all that the SGRA Constitution states ‘The Association shall not align itself with any political parties’

The No Cold Calling Zone initiative on the Southfields Grid appears to be having some success. The NCCZ signs may have already deterred many a ‘cold caller’.

SGRA Vice-Chairman has since written to WBC seeking guidance on who they consider Cold Callers and who are not. WBC have also been asked if the method of enforcement of the No Cold Calling Zone could be improved with a more positive approach and speedy response to calls received by WBC.

WBC Community Safety Manager response was as followsThe cold callers we are hoping to deter are the ones that use high pressured sales techniques to get you to buy their products, especially when they ‘prey’ on the more vulnerable people, at the moment these seem to be energy companies and those selling dusters etc. There have also been problems with loft insulation people some which are genuine and trying to genuinely help people with possible grants but as always there are those now posing as these people. As you are having an election on your Ward everyone should be aware that there may well be people door knocking and it is the residents choice whether they wish to engage in conversation about this. Likewise on the day of the election you may get people calling but that will be short lived once the election day is over and they will at least be genuine callers.

Response to calls  When a call is received by WBC we send it to Trading Standards if it comes under their side of work or the local Safer Neighbourhood Team if it is more of a case where they need a sharp reminder to move on. If they are being very persistent or are clearly not genuine such as the loft insulation we suggest people dial 101. There is no one at SNT at weekends to pass any calls on. We collect the ‘evidence’ from your calls so that we can take it up with any big companies like we did with Battersea Dogs Home before Christmas who were door to door collecting.

The window stickers are the most important things if everyone can display one in their window it will help deter the majority. Certainly, the number of calls we have received in here has gone down considerably.

Sue  at WBC

So note that it is important that the NCCZ double-sided stickers are clearly displayed if you don’t want a Cold Caller, whoever they may be.