Why was the SGRA formed?

I have often been asked the question ‘Why was the SGRA formed?

I lived in Clonmore Street with my family, it was a great house, number 151. One day one of the houses opposite got boarded up. It was horrid, it was the second house  in Clonmore to suffer this fate and there were several more on the Grid. This was
around 1973 and in nearby Sutherland Grove many homes had also been boarded up and people were having problems trying to sell their homes, as rumours abounded.

The only people buying were the Council. It was they who had bought and boarded up. Apparently they had the capital funds to buy the homes, they then decided that they were not fit to live in and they had no revenue to do the improvements necessary. They  boarded them up while people languished on the waiting list for a home.

I’d had enough, this was my home, I felt it was under attack. So I had a couple of thousand leaflets printed and my friends and I delivered them round the Grid.  The
Wandsworth Borough News ran an article and I got a free let of the hall at
Southfields school. I was amazed at the number of people who came to the meeting. People volunteered to join a committee and we agreed a constitution at the meeting.

To preserve, maintain and enhance the community known as the Grid and we defined the area it would cover. As they say the rest is history.

Tina Thompson


Posted by Stech

January 2012.