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Thames Tunnel Plans

You can have your say on the Thames Tunnel consultation website at You have until 10th February 2012

Thames Tunnel have now identified the brownfield site at Carnworth Road in Hammersmith, rather than the greenfield site at Barn Elms, as their preferred construction site for the drive shaft for the new tunnel under the Thames for the new ‘super sewer’.

Thames Tunnel have also produced more details of their plans for the construction works in King Georges’ Park. They need to intercept the combined sewer overflow that discharges storm water and sewage into the River Wandle under Southside, and link it to a new connection tunnel to their works in Dormay Road. They have reduced the proposed area of the site and moved the construction works to the north-east corner of the park. Their consultation document is not consistent about the amount of land they need to use and we have asked them about this. They have said that they do not want to buy the land but do need to use it.
During construction the effect on the community will be the loss of access to this part of the park for 2 ½ years, the nuisance of construction between 8 and 6 daily throughout this period, between 5 and 8 daily lorry movements into Buckhold Road, more restricted parking in Neville Gill Close, and the felling of a dozen trees. We are seeking to ensure that there continues to be full access to the park and that any disruption to footpaths is kept to a minimum.
The long-term effect will be a slightly raised hard standing area with some seating in most of this part of the park, the planting of 18 trees, a new pathway, and a wild flower area. The current 19 storm overflow discharges of sewage a year that go through the Wandle to the Thames should reduce to one discharge event a year. Thames Tunnel will require access, to maintain the shaft and the remaining equipment, via new sliding gates in Neville Gill Close. The equipment includes two ventilation shafts of up to 6 m high and an electrical and control kiosk about 2.5m high and 5m long, which will be built near or alongside the fence of the park.

Information provide by SGRA Planning Representative

Posted by Stech 18/01/2012