Grid Parking

The subject of car parking on the Grid was raised at the last Grid meeting.
The cost of a permit for residents has increased a great deal in the last three years.
In most zones, we get one hour’s protection for £120 a year but there are exceptions. On the opposite side of Revelstoke road, there are meters and different hours of parking restrictions.

There is more than one Zone and now we also have the car club spaces. The Grid is heavily parked with those living near to Replingham road particularly affected and I am sure other streets have their own problems.

Two petitions have been presented to the Wandsworth Borough Council about parking in Revelstoke Road and the problems residents there experience. Unfortunately, Wandsworth Borough Council was not prepared to do anything until the car parking in Wimbledon Park had been resolved. The second petition requested a disabled parking bay for the doctors’ surgery at the bottom of Revelstoke Road. This petition met with success and the parking bay is now in place.

The SGRA would like to know any issues you have about parking in the area
and your views in general. We have requested a review of the Grid Zone but to no avail.

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