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  • Bike Marking 25 October
    Southfields Safer Neighbourhood Team are holding a
    “FREE” Bike Marking Event outside Southfields Tube Station on Saturday 25th October 2014 from 1030am-2.30pm.
    Once you register with BikeRegister, you will enjoy a number of benefits which mean your bike will be a less attractive target for thieves, and if stolen and…[Read more]

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  • Another query – does anyone know the whereabouts of Mad John? He appears to have been missing for a month or two now. I miss his cheery, topless, noisy but harmless presence around the place. Maybe all the estate agents scared him off?

  • Does anyone know the fate of the old Total garage on Wimbledon Park Road?

  • Pirbrigh t Road
    The residents of Pirbright Road have opted to join the SGRA and we are delighted to welcome them.
    The decision will need to be ratified at the next AGM but in the meantime please contact us if there are any local issues you think we can help you with.

    • Glad to hear it, but what communications have there been with the street? I’m not aware we were told anything. Also, when is the next AGM, and who is planned to be the street’s rep on the Association?
      cheers all

      • It will be in the next newsletter and the residents of Pirbright Road will receive a copy . A street representative will be elected/appointed at the AGM which will be next May. In the meantime a volunteer would be most welcome. All residents are welcome to our next meeting on 28 October – 8pm St Barnabas Lavenham Road entrance.

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    Re my earlier post, slightly ahead of myself there!
    It should read 2014

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    Front Gardens Summer 2024
    We will be posting details of the winners with images of gardens/hanging baskets & window boxes. Check back here soon.

    • Just testing with a random post … thanks to web improvements I found it much easier to post from the iPad.

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    Membership had reached 214 approx, have we lost residents in the reshuffle?

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    Thanks to Ken for up-dating our site. Now would be a good time to discuss how to best use the site for the benefit of the community. So please do get in touch if you have any good ideas.

    • If anyone has any thoughts to share, a simple way to do so would be to add them here as a comment below.

      • Hi, I think the “My Street” section needs updating with reps taking more responsibility for the information on there, making it personal to their patch. I share a page with Nick so need to look at how it would work or split us up : ) Will post more thoughts as they come to me ….

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    Some major updates are being done to the site – it may look a little weird for a while!

  • ThumbnailThe Southfields Art Trail 2014 is now on! Today and next weekend Southfields people will be opening their houses and workshops to exhibit theIr work. There are three exhibitors on the Grid but many others ‘Off the […]

  • ThumbnailSouthfields Grid swimmers and Tooting Leisure Centre users will be pleased to hear that Wandsworth Council is to fund the refurbishment of five of its Leisure Centres.  (Please see the article below from the […]

  • Regular meeting of SGRA 30/9 8pm St Barnabas Lavenham Rd
    1. Present Sign in Attendance Sheet
    2. Apologies
    3. Summer Front Garden Competition presentation – Prizes to be presented by Wandsworth’s Deputy Mayor, Councillor Richard Field.
    4. Minutes of Previous Meeting – Matters Arising
    5. Chairman’s Report:
    • Southfields Business…[Read more]

  • Ann posted an update 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    Ad on Streetbank:

    Elizabeth Lloyd-Owen is seeking Wool and knitting needles for Southfields Knit-In
    Hello, I’m looking for your cast off wool and knitting needles (any odds and ends of wool are welcome) for the Southfields Knit-In. The idea: to make a community blanket of knitted squares. It’s kicking off at Southfields Harvest, a neighbourhood…[Read more]

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